…wow, it took me just under a year to make a second post. I’m sure all two of you who stumbled upon this website have been eagerly awaiting my next post [:P]. I might as well give a bit of a status update.

I’ve started working on an x86 operating system, Spinel, in December 2019. It’s a very early WIP and is unfortunately dormant due to classes starting back up. Depending on how things go, I might be able to work on it more as my course load may be eased.

The Spinel operating system crashing
I have to fix the memory manager...

Unfortunately, I probably still won’t post very frequently. There’s just not much a general audience would be interested in, and I have no active followers (except maybe for a few people). Maybe I could start posting more about computers or computer history? Maybe I can talk about Spinel? I know that depending on how certain upcoming events go in my life, I might suddenly find myself with quite a bit of content to post that may be useful to someone surfing search results. I know that’s a little vague (okay, very vague), but I’m a little wary of making assertions that might not be true.

See you next time!