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  • Kept you waiting, huh?

    Took me long enough to get this site up and running! I originally transitioned from a static site to WordPress some time in 2018, fully intending to release it soon. Well, winter break came and went, and now the new semester left almost no time for me to work on the website (mostly thanks to physics)!

    Fortunately, a couple days ago I (re)encountered Jekyll and realized that it was the solution to my problem. No fussing with comment moderation or databases, just toss around a couple of Markdown files and I’d be ready to go.

    …well, it was a bit more involved than that, but I was still able to create this website over the course of a weekend. Now, I have a site that you can actually see. Even better, using a static webpage closes several security holes. I hope that Jekyll will serve me well.

    As for the website, right now it’s pretty bare. Eventually™, I’d like to flesh out some of the content, such as my about page. For now though, this ought to do.

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